Donating Hair


I’ve kept my hair pretty long for a few years now and about two years ago, I decided that eventually, I would like to donate some of it. However, I had been getting my hair highlighted for a while so I knew I needed to grow those out first. Fast-forward to now…my highlights worked their […]

My Tools for 2015


Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite tools that keep me on track and organized during the year. I’m really excited to be trying out Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner for the first time this year. It might be hard to believe but I have been using a very small (3″x5″) Coach planner that my […]

Stampin’ Up! Artisan Blog Hop | A Very Entertaining Valentine

Stampin' Up! Artisan Blog Hop | A Very Entertaining Valentine

Now that we’re getting into January, it’s time to start planning those Valentine’s Day projects! I have a few simple ideas for entertaining this Valentine’s Day, starting with some cute cupcake toppers! These are so easy to whip up (easier than the cupcakes themselves!) by attaching a cut-out cardstock heart to a skewer or toothpick […]